Features & Benefits of BrightShelf® Light Shelf Daylighting Systems.

A great deal of thought and design time was put into the BrightShelf® to make it the most functional and feature rich light shelf on the market today. BrightShelf® solves many of the inadequacies of traditional light shelf systems to make it a truly unique product designed specifically for:
  • Building Owners: Energy savings, durability, low life cycle cost, and relatively short payback period.
  • Building occupants: Even light distribution, glare free operation, superior performance
  • Maintenance personnel: Easy to clean and operate
  • Contractors or Installers: Fast installation method using prefabricated units.

Every step of the product development was designed around making the BrightShelf® the most sustainable light shelf ever made. BrightShelf® is designed to harness the benefit of daylight harvesting and efficient lighting. These benefits of daylighting are well known to be significant for energy savings, personnel (productivity & health), and the environment (pollution reduction). An ancillary benefit to using light shelves is to the planet. Energy reduction means an overall reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, since less energy is generated. The BrightShelf® also uses materials that are not only made from recycled products, but are also 100% recyclable themselves. A cradle-to-cradle product design is what sets BrightShelf® apart.